Why We Do What We Do

SRT Solutions specializes in providing the solutions to your commercial financing needs. There are a number of lenders, banks and financing companies that offer their “niches”. SRT searches for these lenders and finds the solutions that work best for your needs.

We started 10 years ago by addressing a client who could not get the financing they needed from their bank. We found other lenders who were interested in the project and have been working to find solutions ever since.

If your project is a startup with a vision that just needs capital, or a growth opportunity that is constrained by the need for more funds, or if you are looking to buy into an opportunity, we can help you achieve these objectives.

Jim Martin, CMC, CRMS

About Jim

Since 1987, Jim Martin has had his hand in lending. After graduating with a degree in Economics from the College of Wooster, Jim went to work for a regional bank in Pennsylvania. Through the years, Jim has run lending departments, managed sales teams, developed relationships with over 150 brokerage firms with such banks as HSBC, BB&T, and Fleet and originated loans directly for over 10 years. Throughout his 30+ years in lending, Jim has conservatively helped over 5,000 people obtain the financing that they need to achieve their goals and dreams.
In 2009, when the world of finance was turned on its head, Jim decided to take control and start his own company, SRT Solutions to provide clients with access to the lenders who still had opportunities to lend. Since that time, SRT has grown to provide lending solutions to over 1,000 clients of all needs.
One of the driving principals that Jim adheres to is to provide not only financing that meets the client’s needs, but to provide them with the education, knowledge and tools to ensure that they make the best decision.

Why I do what I do

I had a client approach the company with the desire to purchase over 200 acres in rural PA to develop into luxury home sites. The property was very unique as it sat along the river bordering state game lands. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was a great chance to provide vacation homes in an area that was not associated with this type of property.

The client had gone to their banks for financing, but could not obtain the funds they needed. The banks could not see his vision and did not believe that the area would support the prices that were needed to make this project work. Traditional banks did not like the risks and would not take a chance.

Working with the client to show what the project would look like and researching the lenders, we were able to find a local bank that took risks and wanted to work with the client. They were a bit non-traditional and visited the site, spoke with the owner, saw the vision and got behind his plan.

Fast forward 12 months, the client not only acquired the property with our unique financing, but has developed the property ahead of schedule and has paid off his loan ahead of time. This development is literally changing the community into a resort.

When a project requires an individualized approach with “out of the box” lenders, we have the resources to help achieve those goals.